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Friday Sep. 29th 2017 – NYC J20 Defendants Benefit

The 5 Borough Anti-Repression Committee is hosting a benefit show to support NYC J20 defendants. Each trial is expected to be weeks long in Washington D.C and expensive as hell. Defendants will have to take time off work, find housing, and hire expert witnesses. An NYC based defendant is going to trial this December, with many more NY defendants to follow throughout 2018.

On January 20th, during massive protests at Trump’s inauguration, protestors, journalists, legal observers, and by-standers were subject to police misconduct by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC. Hundreds of participants were chased with less than lethal munitions and cornered at the intersection of 12 and L street by police. Over 200 people now face at least 8 felony charges and 75 years in prison if convicted.

DONATE: https://www.youcaring.com/nycdisruptj20codefendants-750321

SIGN THE PETITION: https://www.change.org/p/us-attorney-for-dc-drop-the-charges-against-j20-protesters-dropj20

LEARN MORE: http://defendj20resistance.org/

Please follow #DROPJ20 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

|| Line up ||

Our very own Cush Dankson

Sister Munch


Material Support

Friday, September 29th, 2017 – 8PM
$10 – $15 sliding scale
Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2003186383227557

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York – 11222

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“Seguimos en la Lucha Carajo!” – 2017 Tape

(Click image to listen or download – Haz click en la imagen para escuchar o descargar)

August 31st 2017

“Seguimos En La Lucha Carajo!” is the preamble of what our new work would be. Include new song that most of you already know. With music and lyrics full of Love, Rage, Solidarity, Resistance and our Struggle!

We are asking for a suggest price of: $5 to $10 sliding scale in order to be reimburse on our upcoming LP with more than 20 songs.

(We will have CDR copies on our following shows at: Chicago Sep. 2nd / Bronx, NYC Sep. 16th / Brooklyn, NYC Sep. 29)

Where to listen or download: https://huasipungo.bandcamp.com/album/seguimos-en-la-lucha-carajo


Agosto 31 de 2017

“Seguimos En La Lucha Carajo!” es un preámbulo de lo que sera nuestro nuevo trabajo, que incluye nuevas canciones que ya muchxs conocen. Son sonidos y letras llenas de Amor, Rabia, Solidaridad, Resistencia y Lucha!

Estamos cobrando el disco, con una donacion voluntaria de $5 a $10 dolares. Usaremos este dinero para producir lo que sera el nuevo LP con mas de 20 canciones.

(Tendremos copias en CDR para nuestros próximos conciertos en: Chicago Sep. 2nd / Bronx, NYC Sep. 16th / Brooklyn, NYC Sep. 29)

Donde escuchar o descargar: https://huasipungo.bandcamp.com/album/seguimos-en-la-lucha-carajo